Groupon Service Client

Great deals near you with Groupon

Thanks to the group purchase in your area, you can benefit from promotions on branded items or different services. Thus, you will have a wide choice of restaurants and bars near your home where you will be offered preferential rates, and even discounts. Those looking for fitness and wellness formulas will be spoiled for choice between aquabike sessions, beauty treatments or different massages. Here are some examples of service areas that can be discovered with Groupon:

• Beauty care, spa and health and well-being
• Leisure, outings, shows
• Bars and restaurants
• Small jobs

Be a privileged partner of Groupon

You can also join Groupon to become part of a global network where you can grow your business by finding new business opportunities. By joining this network, you will enjoy many benefits:

• A commission of up to 10% on purchases
• Your market will benefit from tracking from mobile apps
• Quality marketing campaigns to boost your business
• You will be able to know in real time your sales results and your commissions.

Groupon Work to grow your business

Groupon work offers a marketing solution to boost the activities of businesses and companies. Thus, it accompanies them in the realization of their advertising campaigns at the level of its networks in order to reinforce their notoriety. There are valuable benefits for start-ups with Groupon support:

• They benefit from an accompaniment of experts in their advertising campaigns adapted to their specific needs.
• This support does not require any initial costs, the idea being to acquire new revenue-generating customers, but also indirect carriers of new opportunities.
• Permanent contact with the network allows them to constantly welcome and retain new customers.

About Groupon

Groupon is an online trading platform offering goods or services close to the homes of their subscribers. Its success is based on the principle of group buying to offer very competitive rates and discounts. It allows this way to highlight the local trade, also allowing it to shine outside its walls. Thanks to its reputation and its contact with companies all over the world, Groupon has been able to create a network for its customers and partners. Currently, Groupon’s challenge is to evolve to be able to offer its customers luxury products from the biggest international brands.

Contact Groupon

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Tel. +1 877-788-7858